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*New content now available for the Corum Bubble Dragon*

To usher in the new year and celebrate the upcoming Year of the Dragon, Corum presents two limited edition Bubble models that pay homage to the legendary and mythical creature.

The new models celebrate the House’s ongoing commitment to creativity and boldness — core values that have been ingrained in the House’s DNA since its founding.

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Ref. L082/04507 – 082.320.98/0085 PND1

Limited edition of 88 pieces

CHF 6,900

The “Bubble Dragon” watch embodies an enchanting fusion between watchmaking and Chinese cultural heritage, celebrating the lunar calendar and, more specifically, the majestic sign of the dragon. Inspired by the deep-seated beliefs associated with the Chinese dragon, such as power, nobility, honour, luck, and success, this watch embodies symbolic elegance.

The centrepiece of this creation is its exceptionally elaborate dial, which narrates the captivating legend: “When dragons hear thunder, they rise; The clouds are coming, and having all formed, the dragons ascend and thus circulate in the sky.” The dial evokes a deep night sky, with a black sunray base evoking the night, adorned with a delicate representation of the moon made of mother-of-pearl. Above the dial, between mystical black clouds, a golden dragon hovers majestically, symbolising the power and grace associated with this legendary creature.


Ref. L082/04508 – 082.320.98/0085 PND2

Limited edition of 88 pieces

CHF 6,900

Inspired by the richness of Chinese mythology, this exceptional piece finds its uniqueness in the meticulous depiction of the dragon’s eye on its dial, an emblematic representation of strength and power. This iconic detail is not simply machined, but meticulously crafted by hand using the metal casting technique. This artisanal approach makes it possible to create an unbeatable relief, impossible to achieve by conventional means. Each eye is then meticulously coloured, while the golden scales are revealed by hand, giving each watch an artistic singularity. The sublime details of this exceptional work are magnified by the domed sapphire crystal characteristic of the Bubble collection, offering a magnifying effect that allows you to fully appreciate the finesse and precision of this watchmaking work of art. The “Bubble Dragon Eye” embodies the essence of craftsmanship and mythology.