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TUDOR is a Swiss watch brand that offers mechanical watches with sophisticated style and proven reliability. The origins of TUDOR They date back to 1926, when «The TUDOR» was first registered in the name of the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. Throughout their history, watches TUDOR They have been chosen by the most daring adventurers and the most veteran professionals. Discover the complete collection en Saphir Jewelers, Official Distributors of Tudor in the Canary Islands.


The Black Bay 58 is named after the first diving watch TUDOR watertight to a depth of 200 m, reference 7924, presented in 1958. Known as "Big Crown" by collectors, the design of the Black Bay 58 makes aesthetic references to this historical model.

The Black Bay 31, 36, 39 and 41 introduce a more formal air to the Black Bay models. Like other models in the Black Bay family, they incorporate a dial inspired by diving watches TUDOR manufactured during the 1950s. These contemporary models boast features from the first generation of diving watches from TUDOR.

The Black Bay GMT is an extension of the Black Bay line with a highly functional complication: a function that displays multiple time zones, also known as the GMT function. Recognizable by its rotating bezel, whose dark blue and burgundy colors come from other models in the Black Bay line but in a matt version, the Black Bay GMT is a nod to the beginnings of this watchmaking function.

The Black Bay Chrono hybrid combines the diving watch tradition that represents the Black Bay family with the king of the circuit, the chronograph. It retains features of the Black Bay collection in a steel case fitted with pushers inspired by the first generation of chronographs. TUDOR. A fixed steel bezel with an engraved tachymeter scale completes the face of this sporty chronograph.

What really defines the personality of the Black Bay Bronze is its imposing 43 mm diameter bronze case, which makes an aesthetic nod to the use of bronze in ancient ships and some diving equipment. The high-performance bronze-aluminum alloy ensures the development of a unique patina depending on the wearer's habits.

The Black Bay commemorates the 60th anniversary of divers' watches with an extraordinary tradition. The iconic model inherits the general lines, as well as the domed glass and dial of the first diving watches TUDOR. The distinctively angular shaped hands, known as "Snowflake", come from watches delivered on a large scale to the French Navy in the 1970s.

The Black Bay Pro is a completely new model with a dual time zone function, a technical complication that indicates the local time and that of another time zone at the same time. Compact, robust and sporty, this model has many exclusive aesthetic details, and celebrates the spirit of technical watches that TUDOR has manufactured for professionals throughout its history. Recognizable by its fixed satin graduated 24-hour bezel and its yellow 24-hour “Snowflake” hand, the Black Bay Pro is equipped with the Manufacturing Caliber TUDOR MT5652 with built-in GMT function.

The Black Bay 54 is the most faithful example of the first diving watch from TUDOR, reference 7922. The 37mm case maintains the classic proportions of yesteryear while still possessing the technical prowess of the Manufacture Caliber MT5400. TUDOR and a depth of 200 m.

The Black Bay P01, meaning prototype 1, is a watch inspired by the legendary prototype developed in the late 1960s and proposed to the US Navy. It reflects the experimental nature of the project, a combination of diving and navigation watch. The Black Bay P01 reveals a little-known aspect of the history of TUDOR, to bring its unique aesthetic to life and be produced on a large scale 50 years later.

The Pelagos FXD model, where FXD refers to the extra-robust fixed strap bars of the case, was developed in collaboration with the combat swimmers of the French National Navy. Watertight up to 200 meters deep, it is designed for underwater navigation and aimed at professional use.

The Ranger model was launched to mark the 70th anniversary of the British North Greenland Expedition. It is a tool watch that celebrates the spirit of this daring adventure, with a Manufacture Caliber MT5402, a 39 millimeter case and a quick-adjustment system clasp. The Ranger model respects the aesthetic standards established throughout its history, especially its dial with Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock, while incorporating new cutting-edge technical elements. Continued, within the collection TUDOR, the tradition of the expedition watch.

A magnificent example of a tool watch and symbol of adventure, the Pelagos is one of the most complete traditional mechanical diver's watches available today. Waterproof to 500 meters, it is available in a right-handed and left-handed version. In addition to the original version in matt black, this model is also available in matt blue, the emblematic color of the brand's diving watches since the XNUMXs.

Royal was the name chosen by TUDOR in the 1950s to emphasize the superior quality of the brand's watches. range TUDOR Royal is part of this heritage, offering elegant and sporty automatic watches with an integrated bracelet that are as affordable as they are unbreakable. With its cutting-edge technical performance and refined aesthetics, it is at the crossroads of classic and sports watches and comes in stainless steel or stainless steel and gold and in four sizes and a wide range of dials.

TUDOR pays tribute to its origins and watchmaking traditions with its 1926 line, a range of timeless, classic and elegant mechanical watches. Available in four sizes with multiple dial options, the 1926 line is named after the year “The TUDOR» was registered as a trademark in the name of the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf.



    In February 1926, Hans Wilsdorf registered the trademark "The TUDOR» and begins to manufacture watches that bear that mention on the dial. Just after the Second World War, Hans Wilsdorf knew that the time had come to expand and give the brand its own identity. On March 6, 1946, he created "Montres TUDOR SA», specializing in models for both men and women. Rolex It would guarantee the technical, aesthetic and functional characteristics, as well as the distribution and after-sales service.

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